Embedia's Dynamic Facade Controllers are designed to independently control motorized devices and interface with other building systems. For many projects there is an additional requirement to provide an interface for the users of the system. To fill this need, Embedia has developed software which provides this interface, allowing users to monitor and override the automatic functionality of the system.

Control Panel

Embedia Control Panel

Target Users
Building Managers

  • Runs in a browser window - no client installation required
  • An installation on one server is accessible to the entire network
  • Interface is customized to meet the unique needs of each project
  • Displays current status of the system, and provides access to full system history
  • Provides a low cost alternative to the Embedia Building Manager

Building Manager

Embedia Building Manager

Target Users
Building Managers

  • Runs in a browser window, with low impact on system resources
  • Only needs to be installed on one server to be accessible on the entire network
  • Intuitive, custom floor-plan based navigation GUI
  • Quick navigation using "shortcuts"
  • Displays the current system status, and provides access to full system history
  • Displays sensor values and allows editing of thresholds


Embedia Remote

Target Users
Building Occupants

  • Designed to be installed on each occupant's workstation for individual control
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Users have access to only the shades an administrator selects
  • Shades can be nicknamed and added to customized groups
  • Can be minimized to system tray to free up desktop and taskbar space