Leading Edge Technology

In an era of rapid technological advancement, most of the controls in the shading industry fail to take advantage of new developments. Embedia has made it their mandate to be on the leading edge of technology and remain at the forefront of the market. Following the initiative of the building control industry, Embedia has pioneered the move to distributed intelligence for shading control.

In a distributed control architecture, each controller decides independently how to manage the devices under its control. It calculates the position of the sun, determines the environmental conditions based on sensor readings, calculates blockages from surrounding objects while balancing user input to provide the most comprehensive control in the market today. Each of these tasks are managed without having to communicate with a central controller, thereby eliminating single points of failure. This allows for a more reliable system and minimizes the impact of any failures that may occur.

Another area that is largely ignored by shading control providers is software. Software is the client’s window into the system and as such, it shapes their perception of the quality of the system as a whole. Embedia recognizes this and continually strives to make software that is not only functional, but easy to use.

The latest software allows clients to use the software on any computer in the network using their preferred web browser. There are customized interfaces for each type of user, as the needs of the building manager are different then those of an IT director or the end user, who is only concerned with the shades in their vicinity.

Graphic User Interface

Custom Approach

From the inception of Embedia Technologies’ control software, each of the projects undertaken have seen some level of customization. This work has allowed Embedia to develop an understanding of how to work with customers to properly understand their needs and requirements, and to thereby create solutions that are uniquely theirs. This approach has given Embedia an edge over its competition and has proven to be one of the fundamental building blocks to the success of the company.

Through continuous involvement with the owners and design teams of projects, Embedia has fostered a relationship with many of the top specifying agents in North America. Past projects have been completed through extensive collaboration with international engineering companies and design groups. These relationships have grown based on uncompromised understanding of shading technologies from participation in projects ranging from gallery and museum space to educational facilities, office buildings and commercial towers.